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Board of Education

Board of Education

Aug 13, 2012

Board of Education is a Microcontroller development board, Designed by www.parallax.com. Which i persnolly found very easy to use and to work with. It was originally designed to support the learners of Microcontroller programming in field of electronics and robotics Engineering. You can order one from this link parallax.com/boe

Best part of this Board is that it has a little piece of breadboard. So you don’t need to have any breadboard and have long jumpers to hookup with the outputs/inputs of your micro controller board. With this board and serial usb module has to be attached to it and you program it and have output right away!

It is widely used in Educational, hobby and industrial applications and is highly recommended for first time BASIC-Stamp users. The BOE comes with just a board and then we have to select a module, there are two most common modules used when it comes to student guides and robotics “Basic Stamp 2” & “Javelin Stamp”. Where as Basic Stamp 2(Shown in Figure>>) is widely used because of its easier and simpler language.

Both of the Mircrocontrollers have different IDE (Integrated Development Enviroment)

Basic Stamp 2: This is the brain of the Electronic Projects which require the programmable microcontroller. It has its own language called PBASIC (Parallax Basic) where Javelin Stamp uses Java. It is able to control and monitor timers, keypads, motors, sensors, switches, relays, lights, and more. Its programming is very Simple and easy to get. 

It operates at 5 volts supply

Dont you feel after seeing this picture that this is too easy to use?  It has got servo ports, just hookup the servos and your good to go! Look at the approach of powering this board. They made it too simple! gave a 9V battery Clip! If some one wants to step into robotics. This MicroController is a must Buy!!