Easier Approach to Electronic Projects

Starter Kit for Electronics

Starter Kit for Electronics

Jul 28, 2012

To get started you must have your own stuff, it will cost a little but that’s the only way to learn Electronics :p well I bet you it wont exceed 1500 rupees. 

In Hyderabad you can get most of the stuff but I will prefer you to buy it from Karachi, because it will be way cheaper and you will find everything at one place. You will get wonderful Resistor Sheet from nowhere but Karachi.


I bought all my components and stuff from Zakai Enterprises, Shop # 172, Saddar Co-operative Market, Karachi-3. I found this shop very reasonable and got the “master piece” resistor sheet from here.
Later, if I need any thing in Hyderabad I go to Mehran Electronics (Mobile: 03233895072) or Shama Electronics.


Starter Kit for Electronics

First of all you must need a work bench 😉 a desk which should be entirely dedicated to this project stuff 😉

Resistors: Simply buy a Resistor sheet, but make sure it has 1M ohm, because mine did not had just that one :S..

Variable Resistors: For Breadboard purpose it is better to buy standard size as shown. You will need 10k, 100k and 1M. Buy vertical mounted and horizontal mounted too.

LDRs: There are only two types you will find one will be larger and another will be smaller buy both 5 of each

10nF, 100nF & 100pF (5 of each)
0.01µF and 0.1µF (10 of each)
1µF 63V, 2.2mF, 10µF 25V, 22mF and 100µF 25V (10 of each);
220µF 25V and 470µF 25V (3 of each).

1N4148 signal diode &1N4001 rectifier diode 5 of each.

Red (20)
White, Yellow and Green (4 of each)

5-9 volt buzzer x (5)

BC108, BC547 & BC337 (5 of each)

ICs: Buy DIL sockets if youre looking forward for solding the circuits.
D313 Voltage Regulator
7805 Volatage Regulator x (2)
555 Timer IC x (5)
LM741 Comparator op-amp x (4)
4017 x (3)
74LS47 x (2)

Switches: Switches are not essential for breadboard circuits because you can make or break links with pieces of wire. The on/off switch from soldered projects can also be omitted if you are willing to unclip the battery instead. Push switches and toggle or on/off switches (few of each)

Battery Clips: Buy at least 3 and if your looking forward to make circuits on varow board and do soldering then buy at least 10

Hard Wires: Buy as much as you can :p and must buy the good quality and colour ful hard wires 😉 black and red are must !!!

Solder: Buy a simple one, it will cost like 250ish, and must buy it’s stand it will be very helpful and off course you are not gonna forget buying the solding wire :p

Digital Multi-meter: I bought a simple one for 250Rs

Strip Board/Varrow board: Buy 3 big ones if you have normal sizes then buy at least 10

Voltage Source: you need two sources 9V and 5V. At least three 9v batteries Power Plus brand & 9 1.5 Cells
At least three 9v batteries Power Plus brand 😉
and unfortunately there is no 5v battery, or just connect 3 Alkaline cells(Toshiba & 555) each is 1.5 so three cells will give 4.5v which will work fine 😉
or just simply buy AC/DC Adapter its really cool, it has all voltage levels from 1.5-9, you can also avoid buying this adapter.

and Bread Board, offc!!