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Assembling BOE-BOT

Most of you, if get this kit would like to just assemble it and run. If you don’t want to go through step by step process described in the manual, You can go through video below and assemble your robot with in 20 minutes! So This page is all about Parallax BOE-BOT Kit. Down below is all parts which you get after unboxing this Kit. Difficulty Level of this Kit shows 5 out of 10, which means its for beginners.

I would Recommend you to buy this kit from www.parallax.com, if you want to learn robotics with interesting manner. This Kit comes with literally every thing needed to build a robot. The manual is way simpler and interesting with lots of virtual explanations on the topics. It starts you from very basic programming and lead you to Complex Sensitive Robots. Whole of the topics are extremly detailed. And for the Rookies in Robotics!!! This is parada for you guys, Cheers!

Assembling this kit is not so difficult job! You can do it with in 20 minutes if you know which thing is to be placed where. Attaching the Battery back is optional. Because this board comes with a 2.2mm Jack and also 9V battery clip. So you can hookup a 9v Battery and keep it Under the BOE on the chasis surface. 

If you want to use the 2.2mm Jack instead of the battery clip, You can hook up a 9v battery on this 2.2mm jack, you must be thinking that the battery pack is 1.5V x (4), which constitutes 6V, so may be 9v battery damages the BOE. But dont worry, BOE has a Voltage regulator which will take care of this, and will give the only voltage which is required for BOE. So your safe using this. Take a look on the bottom of the post I made for power supplies for arduino where i explain how to hookup 9v battery to 2.2mm jack.


Unboxed Parallax BoeBot Kit (With Serial USB Adapter):


Basic Robot Mechanism Parts Electronics
  1. 2 x Parallax Continuos rotation servos
  2. Aluminium Chasis with Rubber grommet
  3. Battery Holder
  4. 2 x Plastic Wheels
  5. 4 x Black Rubber bands
  6. Cotter PinCaster Wheel
  7. 8 x Screws & nuts for Servos
  8. 2 x flathead Screws 
  9. 4 x little Screws & Standoffs
  10. 2 x little Screws & Nylon Washers
  11. 2 x Little Screws & Small Standoffs
  1. 2 x Red LEDs
  2. 2 x Phototransistors
  3. 2 x 0.1 mF Capacitors
  4. 2 x 0.01 mF Capacitors
  5. 2 x Infrared Detectors
  6. 2 x Infrared LEDs (with holders)
  7. Piezospeaker
  8. Jumper Wires (2 bags of 10)
  9. 2 x Push Buttons
  10. 220, 470, 10k, 2k, 4.7k, 1k
  11. 2 x Pin Headers for Servos