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Resistor Color Code

This video is on how to read Resistor Color Code

Resistor Color Code Web Application

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This is a Software, which helps you when you want to find a Value of Resistor. Just take a resistor, see the color bands on it, and then click on the colors shown adjacent to this resistor, and this software tells you the Value of that Resistance. Once you have learnt how to read the Resistor Color Code, You can also do some practice and assure that the Value you are guessing is Right! Hope it Works for you!

What is Resistor Color Code ?

A Resistor Color code is color bands to indicate the value of resistance of a resistor. Color code is used commonly for resistors but also for other components like capacitors, inductors etc. The reason to use this Color bands is because it can be easily printed on these tiny components. Well there is drawback that a Color-Blind person cannot read the resistance.

To be honest, When I studied basic electronics course in my 2nd year of engineering. I did not learn it, because it looked to me very complicated and not interesting. So actually now I found that its not complicated at All!!! It is as simple as reading a number value! The only thing is we have to memorize the special color-codes as shown in this 4-Band Color code chart. I have tried to make simple(ROOKIE) chart, because over google you will find lots of complex charts of 5-band resistor codes and all that. To make it clear I havent added the tolerence. 


How to Read the Resistor Value ?

To distinguish a resistor from left to right, You will see a gap between 3rd band and 4th band !

1st Band: This band is simply the most significant digit of the value. For instance, value is, Say 470ohms. So the 1st band will be Yellow since the 4th digit is assigned to yellow in the chart

2nd Band: Similarly, 2nd band is second most significant digit. In 470ohms the second band would be Violet… As in the chart

3rd Band: This band is multiplier, that means the both digits will be considered as one number Yellow – Violet(47) and will be multiplied to what so ever Color band. In case of 470ohm it should be 47*10=470 so the 10 is the value of Brown as multiplier.  If the value is 47Kohms then the 3rd band is supposed to be Orange (e.g 47*1000 =47000) so the 1000 is the number assigned to orange multiplier

4th Band: It indicates not the resistance of the resistor but tolerance! Its value is in percent

Gold means +- 5%

Silver means +-10%

If this band is not present it means +-20%