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Printed Paper Bags Direct

Printed Paper Bags Direct

Feb 27, 2015


It is a UK’s leading Print & Packaging Service. They are specialized in Printed Carrier Bags, Tissue papers, gift boxes and all sorts of packaging materials.


Their Article regarding the size of a carrier bags is as follows:

Let’s imagine… Your next event or exhibition is very very close. You have spent a lot of time getting ready for it.

Samples, brochures, catalogs, gifts… everything is ready, you have prepared for every eventuality. You’ve also ordered printed paper carrier bags for your visitors, who will advertise your company voluntarily while carrying the carrier bags through the exhibition area and into the streets. The artwork on the paper bags is fantastic and they have been produced in superb quality. The result is great, they look gorgeous and your visitors will love to carry and re-use them again and again.

But, just a minute…

Don’t you think your competitors have made similar preparations?
Don’t you think they have gotten ready for the exhibition in the same way as you?
I am afraid the answer is “yes”.

Yes, they are also ready for the challenge. So, this is the right time to ask the most important question. How many paper carrier bags can a visitor actually carry at one time?!

a) Three?
b) Five?
c) Seven?
d) Ten?

If all the exhibitors give away one carrier bag to each visitor, they will soon be uncomfortable holding so many handles… Finally they are going to prefer to put all the smaller paper bags into a bigger one. If the bigger bag is not yours, it means that all your efforts and advertisement dreams will sink into the ocean.

As natural law dictates, “Big fish eat little fish!”

How sad…

So, if you like stories with a happy ending, don’t forget, size really matters! This is the key to being visible and being visible is the way to communicate with more and more potential customers. Keep this in mind and next time place your paper bag order in a larger size. Don’t get eaten by the bigger fish!


Printed Paper Bags Direct

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