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Power Supplies for Arduino

Power Supplies for Arduino

Jul 28, 2012

Arduino needs 5v voltage supply to run, There are various ways to feed it. I have shown three approaches here.

1. PC USB cable:

The most simplest is to just connect it with your pc through USB cable wire. The USB of our pcs give a good 5v Supply and arduino is happy with that 🙂 throught this you can also program your micro-controller, and thats the only way to program it 🙂

But this supply is not portable, i mean if you thinking about making a robot, you wont like the robot to bear the weight of laptop :p lolo So this is just testing source.

Power source for Arduino



2. Direct 5v using Voltage Regulator:
This video will show you how to make a circuit to generate 5v Supply using standard 9V battery, its very simple, using 7805 Voltage regulator IC and two capacitors (100μF & 1μF). This can be used to supply your arduino very well :). Watch this video well, make the circuit, and in the end, put the pins to dedicated 5v and Gnd pins in the Arduino board as shown in the picture 🙂  


3. 9V Battery Direct supply (Best of All Supplies)
I use this to power my arduino. You just need two simple cheap things and your arduino becomes portable 😀 I will recommend you to make one for you, as it is easy and very helpful of all the power supplies. It dose not have to have any Ics, Wiring or complications. You just need a 9V battery Clip and a 2.1mm power plug to fit in the Power jack of the arduino as shown in the figure. Solder the jack properly with the two wires of 9v Battery clip as shown in the 2nd figure. Caution!! dont short the two polarities or you may destroy the arduino 🙁  Enjoy!! 😀