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GenBot Building Instructions

GenBot Building Instructions

Jul 30, 2015

Looking for an open-box, simple and effective EV3 Robotic Design?

GenBot is a simple Robotic Design model for Lego Mindstorms EV3(Core Set). It requires least parts and quickest way to make a simple yet effective robot for your first program run. Following are the comprehensive set of building instructions of the robot. However, the youtube video in this post is a better way to follow the building instructions. But, on a personal request of a student from Saudi Arabia I have made a post with images. Please let me know if you have any queries.

I designed GenBot for the students of Generation’s School, Karachi when I worked there as Facilitator, Education Technologies. However, it can be used for anybody who intend to start with basic robot to understand EV3 programming. A personal suggestion is to use the images/steps along side with the video for better and easier understanding.

Beginning with collecting all of the parts required as shown in the image below:GenBot Building Instruction


Now lets start with our first steps:

GenBot (2) GenBot (4)
GenBot (5) GenBot (10)


Now lets attach motors to our robot:

First attach a black connector to the motor as shown in the left image and then slide in along with the extended blue connector in the L-shaped beam.

GenBot (12) GenBot (13)


Now lets give robot some stability by connecting both motors and providing a chassis:

GenBot (14) GenBot (18)
GenBot (20) GenBot (23)


Giving GenBotĀ more strength. Tightening up motors with the EV3 Brick:

GenBot (26) GenBot (27)

Do the same on both sides

GenBot (30)


Now Lets give some wheels:

GenBot (32) GenBot (33)


Time to add Caster Wheel, Caster wheel comes with only EV3 Core Set

GenBot (35) GenBot (36)
GenBot (37)

Now connect motors with the ABCD ports of EV3 brick with cables and your robot is ready to go! Please do share your views and thoughts on this design.