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LED Chaser

This is a sequential circuit design, it has 10 LEDs

The count advances as the clock input from 555 timer becomes high (on the rising-edge). Each output Q0-Q9 goes high in turn as counting advances.

The reset input should be low (0V) for normal operation (counting 0-9).

If you just want to use few LEDs just to have a look at function, counting to less than 9 is achieved by connecting the relevant output (Q0-Q9) to reset, for example to count 0,1,2,3 connect Q4 to reset.


Parts Required:

  1. 33k, 47k & 1k.
  2. 0.1mF
  3. 2.2mF
  4. 555 Timer IC
  5. 4017 Counter IC
  6. Led x(10)
  7. 9v Battery

Circuit Diagram:






Bread board Arrangement:







IC Pin Configuration:







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