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Annoyed of “See full post” on image posts at Facebook?

Annoyed of “See full post” on image posts at Facebook?

Sep 6, 2015

From past few weeks my posts with single images started showing comments and likes on the actual post on the timeline and not the image itself. Those of my friends who would tap the picture(probably to view the photo in large size) would then see no likes or comments that are on the actual post. Whereas, usually the case used to be that, all the likes and comments of the photo were same as of the post. Here is the screenshots to understand it better.


This screenshot shows the status that I posted along with an image. It shows 250 likes and lots of comments.


But when, the image is opened. The likes are 68 that are different from the actual post and description “Reunited” is lost and only one comment is there.



I tried to ask facebook people alot but all in vain. No response and I saw most of people facing the same problem. Now interesting thing was it was happening to only specific accounts. My friends were not facing any thing like this. Even I tried to login my account from their cellphones and computers but the problem presisted.


Here is the some of the question posted to Facebook Help community:

What is ‘see full post’?


Posting photos removes the description I wrote and shows “see full post” button?



I started working on it very deep and I somehow felt like that this bug is only because of facebook.com or facebook app. Because when I shared the posts from instagram this was not a problem. Therefore luckily I tried https://m.facebook.com

Surprisingly it worked. Using it either with cellular phone browser or PC browser. Typing this link instead of facebook.com. Now the description wont be lost and likes and comments would stay same as of in the actual posts. To make sure if it worked with all the others I shared this method with others who suffered on the Help community forums as mentioned above and it turned out that it worked okay for them too this way!




So, we victims of this bugs shall use this link until facebook people fix this issue from their back end. Let me know by your comments if it helped for you too!