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Iam a student of Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul pursuing M.Sc Mechatronics Engineering. Since my 1st year of  bachelors I was always fond of making Projects of Electronics and Robotics Engineering. Idea of making this website came from the hardships which I myself faced whenever I wanted to make any electronics project.
I was a rookie inexperienced student in my class who had a thrift to make electronics projects, but over internet it was so much difficult to teach myself. I spent hours in the labs to learn and make circuits on breadboard and when I mastered it, I thought to share all of the projects which I made during my bachelors of engineering with the hobbyists/students out there who are facing same difficulties like I faced. 
So if you’re rookie to this field, new to the world of Electronics and you don’t know where to start then Rookie Electronics is the right place. Here you will be able to learn Electronics practical knowledge starting from a very low level & slowly you’ll become master at it. I hope you find my work helpful. Good luck!
Yours Sincerely,
 Pir Arkam 


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As you can see my website is a personal initiative for education and development. Every day 500+ students and hobbyists around the world use it for their semester projects and personal experience. Since, it is a non-profit website I need your precious donations to support my work so that I can produce more projects and keep my website running.

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Why it is better than other DIY Electronic Project websites ?

1. All of the circuits & robots in this website are 100% working, modified, & tested by myself.
2. The best thing about this website is that it contains the HD quality pictures of bread board arrangements of all circuits which will surely help the beginners to learn the bread board & trouble shoot in a very sophisticated way, and not to mention, you probably won’t find it in any other electronic website 😉
3. The circuits which are shown in website are made on paint brush just to refrain the complexities which are usually present in the circuits made by pro-softwares like ‘Electronic work bench, Multisim, etc’.

4. Every circuit present in this website has a video which shows the working which makes it interesting, helpful, & also guarantees that the Project works.

Rookie Lab

Ahmed Mujtaba Chang: My Master. With his sincere help I came to learn about most of the stuff, specially Arduino & Robotics.
Hassan Qureshi: He’s the one who helped me in learning wordpress based web-designing. Initially as a telecom engineering student, I had no idea about web-designing. Honestly, without him I’d have never ever came up with this brilliant website.
Sadam Hussain: He was the first whom I asked for help regarding Robotic circuits. He gave me ideas of simplest robots, & I was pretty inspired by his dedication to work on electronic projects/circuits.

Najeeb Rehman Malik: He is the one who motivated me & brought me towards electronics. On our first meeting I got so much inspired and motivated by his brilliant work! He was always there beside me, whenever I wanted to trouble shoot my circuits. And he was also the first person to teach me programming of Arduino.