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Intro to Fritzing

Intro to Fritzing

Oct 4, 2012

Fritzing is an open-source wonderful software for artists, researchers and hobbyists to work creatively with interactive Electronics. It is developed at the University of Applied Sciences of Postdam, Germany. It is widely used in order to convert the Circuit Diagram into PCB layout to get a actual product out of it. It also has interactive and visual capabilities to study and teach Electronics.

You can download the software from their website http://fritzing.org/

Once you have built a circuit on a bread board, you can start transferring it to Fritzing software. Fritzing has three different modes to use,

  1. Breadboard view: In this view you have visual electronic parts can be wired and placed on a virtual breadboard, If some parts donot exist in the library you can creat your own part by using it’s parts editor
  2. Schematic View: here formal representation of circuit can be viewed and edited. Changes made in electronic part’s arrangement in one view instantly effect all other views
  3. PCB View: PCB view allows you to place parts on Printed Circuit Board, and auto router generates the traces and final PCB layout can be export to the necessary production formats

Publishing and sharing your Fritzing projects can be done on their website. They have a community where you can also find great projects with breadboard arrangements, Circuit Diagrams and PCB layouts.

Their website has a list of projects starting from very basic on this link http://fritzing.org/projects/

Fritzing is a free software which can be downloaded from http://fritzing.org/download/  It is available in MAC, PC and Linux

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